comes apart in three easy to assemble pieces, two legs, and top
Makes espresso, cappuccinos & lattes. Works with lavaza pods. 3 included to get you started. Super easy, quick & yummy! PPU off Hilltop & Tallman.
"Professional" rice cooker. You can also make soup, saute, slow cook, even bake a cake! Barely used, works great, has manual and accessories. SE Aurora near Himalaya and Chenango
Porch Pickup Near Smoky Hill and Tower Rd Hydroponic Garden Used once to start tomatoes. NEEDS AN AIR PUMP (the kind you use in an aquarium) Hydroponic garden system with 6 planters Geolite growing medium (2 10L bags. 1 in planters and 1 still in bag) Large 2-gallon reservoir and pump irrigation system for easier watering Six 6- by 6- by 7-inch planters with growing medium for optimal plant dev...