I'm looking for size 13 mens wing tip shoes for the 1940's Christmas ball.
Learning how to play and would love a set to call my own.
I need a size 13 mens wing tip shoes by December.
Looking for blank 8mm video tapes
I need 26 1/2 X 45 3/4 21X501/2 2-451/4X281/4 46 1/4X273/4
Wanted womans winter clothing, especially a warm coat!
Looking good a zuit suit for the 1940's Ball in December. If you have one for Halloween in an Xl I could really use it when you are done.
Moving end of Oct., need boxes. Thanks.
Hello! I am an amateur photographer looking a working camera that I can take pictures with. Thank you!
Looking for a 10 gallon aquarium lid/cover with a light in it. If you have one that you are not using, I would love to get it from you. Thank you very much!
I'm looking for a big pot. 8 quarts or bigger. Thanks!
HI there. I am a disabled lady looking for help. My cat is starting to get along in years but has many more to go but her hairball issues is worrying and is hard to keep up with when my body won't cooperate in getting up and down to clean it. If a kind soul has a hand or small rolling wet vac, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you so very much in advance
Cabinets with one being 33 or 36 inch with others to add up to a 83 inch total will pick them up and only if in good shape Thanks
Large buggy wheels to make a trolly
Leather looking sofa or sofa bed needed thank you
WANTED: Prego Mommy needs dresser Location :Elbert Date : Fri Sep 21 09:27:41 2018 Posted by :Abundantjoy Description Young mommy on limited income, received donation of baby clothes,in black bags. She is overwhelmed with no dresser for them. Her 5 year olds dresser is also filled up. If you can help her by giving her a dresser, it would help her so much. Thanks so much. Please text 720-209-864...
Ricardo Flores Magon Academy is hosting a Haunted House Fundraiser. We are looking for the following costumes: Nun, Priest, Jigsaw Mask, Ghost, Zombie We are also needing costume makeup for faces! Thank you for your donations!
Ricardo Flores Magon Academy is hosting a Haunted House fundraiser and is in need of the following supplies: White or Black Plastic Tablecloths, Black Garbage Bags, Duct Tape, Strobe Lights, Fake Chains, Cobwebs, Caution Tape Thanks in advance for your consideration!
I am or looking for any old newspapers or stuffing for a project.
I'm trying to make a computer for my friend, he's been using a computer from before 2000 for a while now, and it's time he gets an upgrade. If you have a computer, components, or anything like that from about 2010 or more recent, it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!
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